Dada Movement Inspires Art Walk Show

Vintage Hardware will provide the quintessential backdrop for an exhibit of Found Art by the students from Clatsop Community College. Inspired by the beauty , as well as the functionality of everyday items, the artists from Introduction to Design, have created pieces that include objects that were created for one purpose, but presented out of context becomes artwork.

The students were inspired by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, George Bellows and the artistic movement from the early twentieth century, Dada. Themes and inspirations reflected in the pieces are personal, from an homage to wheat farming and commercial fishing, to beach combing, jumbled junk store shelves, music and oddities one discovers amongst themselves and their habitat. The lobby of the Astor Hotel is an ideal backdrop for such a show.

Built in 1922, the lobby reflects years of neglect – however alive once again with the customers of Vintage Hardware as they mill about discovering architectural salvage, furniture, lighting and one-of-a-kind curiosities. Astoria 2nd Saturday Art Walk – March 12, 2011 – 5pm thru 8pm

2 thoughts on “Dada Movement Inspires Art Walk Show

  1. Karen

    We had a wonderful time in your store today! Thanks for letting me take some pictures! We’ll be back to visit again!

  2. Lucy Johnson

    hi Rebecca,
    not sure if you remember me – I’m Matt (Johnson’s) wife – we visited you a few years ago. Anyway, just wanted to say I love, love, love your upholstry and your ‘style’.
    hope you are all well, :-)

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